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where the passion for digitization rooted in electrical power engineering


BinaryElec Technologies Inc. was started by Yifan Wang in 2021. In Yifan's previous career, she gained valuable and diverse experiences in electrical engineering, protection & control, substation designs and asset management. With the 10+ years of combined education & work in power system, Yifan sets the feet deep into the engineering and the digitization in the energy industry by leveraging the programming, innovation and problem solving skills. BinaryElec is working hard to become a dependable energy system service provider. We believe in dedication, innovation, efficiency, sustainability, and reliability.

What We Do


Customized software and hardware that streamline the workflow; customized web apps or websites.


Relay settings and configurations, IEC61850, battery system, P&C schematics, panel layouts, wiring, and BOMs, etc.


Modeling, study, relay testing, protection coordinations, renewables, etc.


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